What we can do.

    We hope you have had a wonderful winter season!  It’s time for warm weather and to start thinking about your yard and landscape.  I have enjoyed being able to take some of the work of your hands so that you can have more time to spend on the things that matter most to you.

If you would like help with mulching, flower bed maintenance, flower bed installation, or spring clean up, we would be glad to help. In addition to lawn and landscape services, we also stain decks and pressure wash houses and decks in the summer when the yard work slows down.

Below are before and after pictures of a project, I did last summer to level out a rough hillside that was unusable space.  The family wanted something that would serve as a space for seating, a fireplace, and entertainment.


Paver Patio

Starting around 500 B.C., the Romans used this method to build roads in order the growth of their empire. Its a simple way to build something that will last for long time and won’t split like concrete. First step: remove 4″-6″ of soil, then add non woven geotextile fabric to separate out the soil from base material. Second step: add the crush base material and pack well. Third: add an 1″ of bedding sand. You don’t want to go any deeper than this because it will cause the block to tip up over. Fourth: step lay bricks, add edging to hold brick in place, tamp the bricks into place, and top with sand to fill the joints. Last step enjoy with campfire, friends, and family.IMG-0393