At Tones Solutions we offer three services for each visit to your home:

  1.  Lawn mowed in different directions so not to compact the soil leaving a smoother healthier looking yard.
  2. Trimming around trees, beds, sidewalks, and driveways.
  3. Blowing off the side walks and driveways of grass debris.

We will do our best to treat your yard like it is our very own.  We care about the individuals we work for and the homes and business we have been given the opportunity to take care of.  You can rely on us to show up and work hard to finish the jobs we start.

Mowing Begins in May and Runs Through October

Additionally, we can offer the following services at the frequency of your choosing:

Maintain Flower Beds.

We can help to keep your flower beds looking nice all year round.  Have us come throughout the summer to pull the weeds and help maintain the shape of your beds.

Tree and shrub pruning

Not all plants are created equal, and they shouldn’t be trimmed as if they are. Pruning and shaping must be carefully crafted to match with your plants’ needs at the correct time of the season. Aesthetic trimming can be offset with rejuvenation trimming to keep your plants at the peak of their health and looking their best.

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